The journey of food, from farm to table.

This book is a beautiful photographic exploration of Canadian cooking. Through the stories and insights of some of Canada’s most talented chefs, farmers, and front-of-house professionals, Faces of Food brings to life the countless unique narratives behind Toronto’s culinary delights.

This is a celebration of our wonderfully diverse food scene, and of those who make our food truly world-class.

Discover the people who are forging the identity of Canadian cuisine, and bringing your favourite dishes from farm, to kitchen, to table.

  • William Roman
    William Roman Rosewood Estates Winery
  • Vito De Fillippis
    Vito De Fillippis Top Tomato Farms
  • Scott Vivian
    Scott Vivian Beast Restaurant
  • Sash Simpson
    Sash Simpson North 44 & Sash Restaurant
  • Rachelle Cadwell
    Rachelle Cadwell Beast Restaurant
  • Paul Kim
    Paul Kim Doma
  • Nancy De Fillippis
    Nancy De Fillippis Top Tomato Farms
  • Missy Hui
    Missy Hui Fabbrica
  • Michael Bonacini
    Michael Bonacini O&B
  • Malcolm Campbell
    Malcolm Campbell Auberge du Pommier
  • Koki Fukuse
    Koki Fukuse JaBistro
  • Joshna Maharaj
    Joshna Maharaj The Stop
  • John Horne
    John Horne Canoe
  • Jennifer Belanger
    Jennifer Belanger One Restaurant
  • Jason Cox
    Jason Cox Opus Restaurant
  • Jason Bangerter
    Jason Bangerter Langdon Hall
  • Janet Zuccarini
    Janet Zuccarini Gusto 54
  • Jamie Kennedy
    Jamie Kennedy J.K. Farms
  • Jamie Drummond
    Jamie Drummond Good Food Revolution
  • Ivana Raca
    Ivana Raca Ufficio & Resto Boemo
  • Ingrid de Martines
    Ingrid de Martines Perth Pork Products
  • Guy Rawlings
    Guy Rawlings Montgomery's Restaurant
  • Gillian Flies
    Gillian Flies The New Farm
  • Fred de Martines
    Fred de Martines Perth Pork Products
  • Emily Pearce
    Emily Pearce The York Club
  • Dom De Fillippis
    Dom De Fillippis Top Tomato Farms
  • Daniel Klahsen
    Daniel Klahsen Monforte Dairy
  • Daniel Ken
    Daniel Ken Blowfish
  • Chris Locke
    Chris Locke Marben
  • Carl Heinrich
    Carl Heinrich Richmond Station
  • Brent Preston
    Brent Preston The New Farm
  • Antony John
    Antony John Soiled Reputations
  • Antony De Fillippis
    Antony De Fillippis Top Tomato Farms
  • Andrew Demarsh
    Andrew Demarsh Tanto
  • Alexandra Feswick
    Alexandra Feswick The Drake Hotel
  • Adrian Forte
    Adrian Forte AF1 Caribbean Canteen

Meet the Faces of Food.

Faces of Food features an eclectic mix of the incredible individuals behind Canadian cooking. From chefs, to farmers, to sommeliers, and even to cheese producers – they’re all here, and they all have a fascinating story to tell.

Stunning photography draws you into their craft, and showcases the care and dedication that each of these people commit to their profession.

Buy the book, and meet the faces of food.

The Farm

Great food starts at a great farm. Take a glimpse into the hard work and skill of those at the very start of the great Canadian food journey.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is where the best ingredients become the best dishes. Discover the philosophies and stories of some of Canada’s best chefs, and how they came to be where they are now.

The Table

Memorable food moments are defined at the table. Explore the tales and meticulous methods of those who deliver the city’s most captivating dining experiences.

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Feedback from readers

Faces of Food is an incredible journey of 33 people who chose to make their life what it is today. An extraordinary book of passion, determination and strength. Loved it!

– Jill Soon

The format of the book is pretty cool. It follows the stories of food through eyes of the people who make it. I’ll admit that it made me realize I was a foodie all along.

– Janice Lahti

A beautiful book! From the gorgeous photographs to  the amazing stories – it took me on a delicious  and insightful journey of the the Toronto food scene. Loved it!

– Chris Money